An Academy Support Center is an official entity recognized by Cisco Systems Inc.


Every Cisco Academy is required to have a support academy in order to participate in the Cisco Networking Academy Program. The Support Centers exist to support and guide academies as they enter and continuously evolve/progress in the Cisco Networking Academy program.

We have a long history with the Cisco Networking Academy program.


In fact, we have been involved from the beginning.  We have worked closely with Cisco Systems, Cisco Learning Institute and other entities helping build curricula, test banks, logistic support and other key elements of the Cisco Networking Academy program.

We proudly represent the collective voice of our member academies and we have 4 full-time Cisco Networking Academy Instructors within our ASC.


Our Support Center will provide you with:

  • Professional development

  • Assistance with lab equipment ordering

  • Netacad.com support

    • Netacad.com course building support

    • Netacad.com student enrollment

    • Netacad.com assignment/exam glitches and help

    • Course design assistance (syllabus, Canvas design)

  • Course content & instruction

  • Course topic recaps, custom-made YouTube videos

  • Free Certification Voucher - Contest- (when available)

  • Free Online New Course WebEx overviews

Academy Support Center - Annual Cost

Our Academy Support Center cost is based on the number of different types of Netacad courses your institution will teach:


The more types of Netacad.com courses that are taught, the more use of our support services are expected.

  • Any # of Community or Partner Developed - $99.00/year* (i.e. Linux Essentials)

  • 1 Core Curriculum - $350/year* (i.e. IT Essentials, or CCNA 1-3 or CCNA Network Security)

  • 2 Core Curricula - $450/year* -(i.e. CCNA 1-3 and CCNA Network Security)

  • 3 or more Core Curricula - $650/year* (i.e. IT Essentials, CCNA 1-3, and CCNA Network Security)

    *Instructor Training costs to become credentialed to teach Netacad.com courses is an additional cost (Discount for ASC members)

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Tel: 708-609-3928

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